Monday, August 18, 2008


Education is taken for granted here in america. We have so many great opportunities for learning so why don't people use them? Money and time. If only they didn't exsist, then we could all gain some sweet sauce knowledge. Pitty they do.
Speaking of hott summer days, where did they go? Why are we already back in school? As much as I love having all these awesome blossom classes each day (and I really do) I wish we had another week or two of break. Septemeber 1st, what's so hard with that? School should be from September 1st to June 31st. Makes sences to me. And summer vacation - June 31st to August 31st. Winter break - those last three weeks in December - the 15th to the 2nd of January. Oh, and instead of this spring break nonsence, let's just have and Easter break - like three days or something. Same for fall break - we don't need a whole week, just half of one around Thanksgiving. Make winter break longer and those shorter and we'll be fine!
oh life.

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