Thursday, October 22, 2009

Congratulations - we want your money!

Getting mail is one of the best treats this world has to offer. I love to open up that mailbox, stifle through the junk and the poo and pull out a beautiful, handwritten letter addressed to "Miss Madeline Marie Powell."
Getting mail is also one of the worst things this world has to offer. Especially if that mail comes in the form of bills, due slips or anything really having to do with the need of money. Such as college recruitment mail.
It's funny how EVERYONE suddenly wants to send you mail when they discover you're a senior. And by everyone, I mean every college. And funny how they always leave out of their papers the cost of everything. "Come to our school! You'll love it! We'll help you become rich and famous...and we'll steal 50% of that money along the way!" Sounds great, doesn't it. Funny how EVERY school seems to think that I'll be the greatest addition yet, and that I'm "one of a kind" student...including some little place in the middleofnowhere, Ohio. Sounds like a great city. Funny how all these schools seem to want me, yet not of them want to tell me how in the heck I'm going to get there, pay for anything or even survive through the first week. They just say "Come here, give us your money, and you can figure out the rest later!"
Good think I've already figured out the rest. Sorry Valley Christian University, but I've got my sights set elsewhere.
Just got a letter from ASU in the mail today. Opening line..."Congratulations, you're a senior!" No duh ASU. And no - I won't apply for your school. Deal with it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another day in the life...

It's been quite some time since I've written in my blog, but life as been busy for me recently, and I've found next to no down time to sleep let alone ramble on about my life for much longer than is wanted! I know, I know - you're probably saying right now "Life's always busy for you! Nothing new there!" but these past 9 weeks have been especially busy for me! I took it upon myself to get involved in the school this year, more so than I have in past years. And yes, I fell for the whole "It's your senior year, go for it!" thing like, 2o times already. In past years, I have been involved in Key Club, NHS and Orchestra Council. NHS has meetings once a month, and back in the day we only met for Key Club twice a month, and orchestra council whenever we remembered we were still in it, so I didn't have many lunch meeting, nor responsibilities to uphold for my offices in these clubs. Life was nice. Life was easy. Since then, I have joined German Club, Christian Club, Art Club and Cross Country. I am now also the Historian for Orchestra Council, German Club and Key Club. Our new Key Club president (Angelee - you're doing GREAT!) Has Monday officers meetings weekly, Tuesday Club meetings weekly, and usually at least one - if not more - service projects planned for each month. German Club meets almost every Wednesday (sometimes on Monday if Wednesday doesn't work out), Orchestra Council and Christian Club both meet on Thursday - sometimes the same week, sometimes not, which means I often have to chose between the two meetings...usually I go to the one that's providing food :) Friday is usually my day of, unless I have a Seminary meeting our am asked to attend the ICE meeting. This last Friday - I represented 4 different clubs at the ICE meeting! Haha, anywho - my school life has gotten pretty busy! Because on top of all these lunch meetings, I have cross country every day either in the morning, after school or in the early evening - I have Art Club after schools on Tuesday or Thursday (depending on the week) - I often have rehearsals after school for orchestra and/or choir...and to top it all off, I still have 7 classes a day, all honors but one, 2 AP classes, and all of my teachers think that their class is the most important thing in my life - so naturally, I get homework every day for hours on end. And this is just the school stuff! I have cello lessons every Wednesday, a MCC class every Thursday, Mutual every Wednesday night, Piano lessons on Saturdays, Family Night on Monday, and I babysit almost every week in a desperate attempt to earn money!
And yet, despite the fact that I don't sleep, my diet consist of Ritz crackers and slightly polluted air and I spend all my "down time" studying for the ACT and applying for colleges, I LOVE MY LIFE! Senior year is proving to be the most fun I've ever had! EVER! I'm still finding time to squeeze a few activities in with my friends each month. I've certainly never felt so INVOLVED before, and I love it! It keeps me busy, and happy, and surrounded by friends! I get to take pictures for almost all of my clubs, which is my love - so that's definitely a plus! Running in cross country keeps me healthy and active throughout all of this, and going to Seminary every day with this new schedule reminds me constantly why I'm doing this at all and keeps a smile on my face when the day takes a turn for the worse! (Usually...sometimes there's a kid or two you just want to slap in the face after seminary, but for the most part it's one of my favorite classes!)
I'm so grateful to have so many talents that I can use everyday at home and at school! I'm grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves me and constantly provides guidance and direction in my life! I'm grateful for my Patriarchal Blessing (which I just got last Sunday!) which has already proven to be one of the greatest blessings in my life thus far! I'm grateful for a family who supports me in all that I do - for the most part ;) - and for wonderful friends and neighbors who remind me to smile when I'm feeling down.
Yay for Life!
-Maddy P