Wednesday, September 17, 2008, einstine, and pioneers!

Oh hair! It is a miraculous thing!
So, I just got a hair cut, and I seriously feel like a weight has been lifted off my head! It’s not as extreme a haircut as my last one was – that one was like three, four, maybe even five inches. This one was maybe one inch – but it sure seems like a lot. I really like it. No hair! As Albie E. would say, Va – hoo!

In other news, I’m going on the pioneer trek! I’ve been training a lot recently, because I always seem to be out of shape whenever I do some kind of physical activity, so I don’t want this three day walk to kill me. I thought I was prepared for fourth year hike (which wasn’t even that hard) but my body didn’t agree with it afterwards. I WAS BURNING LIKE CRAZY! It hurt to sit down for almost a week after that. So anyways, I’ve done some kind of physical activity every day this week so far. I’m only on day three, and it’s already painful! I’m so tired in the morning. I have to wake up even earlier than usual so I’m ready for my zero hour class in time. On Monday I went to the gym with my mom, and on Tuesday I did a ‘speed walk’ with my mom and Kae Sawyer. They usually do a 4 mile walk every Tuesday and Friday, but I can only go half way with them, because I need to be home by 6 to get ready in time. Today I went to the gym again, and tomorrow I’ll probably go – but then Friday it’s walking with Kae and Mom! On Saturday I’m going on a hike with Carole and maybe Sarah and my mom and Joe. We went on one last week (just mom, joe and I) but we left too late in the day and didn’t hike for very long.

I’m kind of enjoying this workout thing – regardless of the pain. I feel…healthy! Imagine that! Ha, anyways, I think the whole no ice cream and reduced meal size has helped too, because in just two or three days I’ve lost almost two pounds. And I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything food wise. I’m still eating too much sugar, so maybe if I cut back on that too, I’ll be even healthier! I usually can’t loose weight – like when I went on that sugar diet I only lost…maybe five pounds? And that was over three months! I wasn’t working out as much as I am now though – and I’m doing more at the gym that I usually do too.

Anywho, my goal is to loose 10 pounds by trek time, and to gain better muscles. I also need to break my tennis shoes in better. I bought them for summer school PE and I haven’t used them much since then, so I really need to wear them in more before I try to do this trek, or I’ll be covered in blisters!

Ooo! Practice time! I’ve got a piano calling my name!

Peace! World Peace! World Peace and harsher punishment for Parole Violators!
-Maddy P.

Ooo, by the way - If any of you haven't seen the SNL skit on Palin and Clinton, watch it! It's hilarious!