Tuesday, August 26, 2008

...the middle marie

So, Honestly...who wouldn't want the middle name marie? It is such an awesome blossom name! There are two people who I know who have that fortunate blessing. Myself, of course, and Michelle Snow. Michelle is a very...unique person. She had a demanding presence. It's like, every time I'm around her I don't know what to think...or say. It's like she has two personalities. Michelle #1 is EVIL. Not in the devil sense, but in the kill joy sense. She has no emotion - but ANGER! If we're like "Michelle, come to our party!" then she's like, "You wanna be dead in the morning?" I'm not saying that's a bad thing Me-shell (cause I know you're reading this and I do value my life some what). In fact it's very funny. Michelle #2 is the complete opposite. SHE'S A CRAZY HEAD! My goodness, when Michelle gets hyped up enough - be it cheesecake or lettuce wraps - she's unstoppable! You can feel her bouncing off the walls. Hyper Hyper Hyper she is! (what the Yoda?) Anywho, if you get Michelle in a good mood then watch out! There's no way you're going to bed anytime soon - especially when she has tall orders for you to fill out, like drawing tattoos on her leg or giving up your last (precious) butterfinger!
Michelle Michelle marie...what an enigma you are...
Nevertheless (that's a mouthful) I'm glad you're my friend. Or neighbor. Or acquaintance. Or Nemesis, you know, whichever you prefer to go by.

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