Wednesday, October 22, 2008

...if at first you don't succeed, buy some chocolate and MOPE! Then...after some appropriate mourning time, and maybe a few chick flicks...TRY AGAIN!

So, for some strange reason, I've found that I love the Jonas Brothers all of a sudden, when less than a month ago, their voices really bothered me. I'm not sure why I like them so much now, but I do. Demi Lovato too. I really like her music. I've also watched a lot of cheesy Disney Channel movies recently...why? I don't know. While we're on the subject of things I love, may I throw in BRITISH PEOPLE! I was watching Phineas and Ferb with my little brothers yesterday, and I absolutely love it when Ferb talks! And their dad! Sweet Sauce it's cool! Here's a list of other things I particular order...sort of...well yeah, there kind of is an order...

*Ice Cream
*Hannah Turley, Michelle Snow, Acacia Farnsworth, Carole Almendarez and ... HARRY POTTER!
*H2O...with ICE!
*Peter Pan
*Music - Frank Sinatra, Demi Lovato and JB's, The Hush Sound, DISNEY, Debussy
*TV/Movies...lots of them! Psych, Monk, Phineas and Ferb, Charlie and Lola!, Backyardigans, The Office, Wonderpets, Little Einsteins, The Andy Griffiths Show, I Love Lucy, Bewitched, Hannah Montana...sometimes, and then TONS of movies! Pride and Prejudice 05, HP, LoTRs, Stardust, A Knights Tale, Sydney White, Camp Rock, All Disney, The Other Side of Heaven!, and lots more that I can't think of right now...
*Reading EVERYTHING!!!
*Heath Ledger
*Sweet Sauce!
*Myspace...but only for the music and cute profiles!
*More stuff that I can't think of...if anyone thinks of anything, let me know!


Hannah said...

I really like that one quote...I just might put that up somewhere in my apartment! :) And I am comming home on the 7th of Nov. and I would take you with me but you have school little missy. i guess you are just going to have to wait till after finals! Then we can make snow men and not just ice men! :D

.maddypow. said...

Snow...I love snow. And ice. And you. And school. And your apartment...but I haven't been there yet. Oh, and I love writing and reading and food and Christmas and my Birthday and my family and Alex Pettyfer, and Hugh Grant, and boys who can sing, and BYU and the Gospel!